An Orthodox Monastery under the Rule of Saint Benedict,
within the Archdiocese of New York & New Jersey of the
Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America & the British Isles



Our Mission

To preserve the Holy Orthodox Church, Her Faith and Traditions as given to us by Christ through the Holy Apostles and the Church Fathers..

To live the monastic ideal of daily prayer, self-abasement, hospitality and labor according to the Rule of Saint Benedict for the salvation of all.

To reach out with the charity of & the Brotherhood in Christ our God amongst all faithful Orthodox Christians..

To lead persons of West European descent back to the Christian Church of their forebearers of the first millennium.

All for the Glory of our Triune God, for the salvation of mankind and restoration of all creation.




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Our Metropolia


    The Metropolia of the Americas and British Isles is  responsible for the parishes, missions and monasteries of both Western rite and Eastern rite throughout North and South America and the British Isles.

    In 2011, the Sacred Metropolia was granted its autonomy by its mother church The Milan Synod. Once the West European Diocese of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Greece, formally known as the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe & the Americas, the "Milan Synod" was established in 1984 as an autonomous Metropolia by the Old Calendar Church of Greece (Auxentian Synod) specifically for those who wished to be Orthodox Christian and are of Western European descent; living in Western Europe or throughout the Diaspora.

The Sacred Metropolia of the Americas and British Isles takes up the struggle for the preservation of the Patristic Orthodox Christianity.

   The Sacred Metropolia is a traditional Orthodox Church dedicated to charity and brotherhood amongst all the Orthodox Churches and Her faithful. We are also firmly dedicated to exposing the international ecumenical movement as the diabolical deceit that it is.

   It is our hope and responsibility to seek out all those who would be identified as West European --who are not already part of other Orthodox Churches-- to study, consider, and convert to the Christian Faith of their forefathers from the first millennium.

    In addition to the churches of the Sacred Metropolia that follow Slavic and Greek liturgical traditions, we are making available churches of the ancient Western rite to those who wish to take part in them throughout the Americas (North, Central & South) and the British Isles.



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